Open Source Q&A

"In recent years, there has been a tremendous buzz about open source software. Many constituencies believe that it is the ultimate destiny of the software industry, while others remain unconvinced that open source represents a viable business model. There is no doubt, however, that open source software is changing the software industry and is here to stay – in some form. This Goodwin Procter article from Mondaq answers the following frequently asked questions about open source software and addresses some common misconceptions.

1. What is open source software?
2. Is all open source software the same?
3. Does use of open source software save time and money?
4. What are the different types of open source licenses?
5. Do I even need to worry about complying with open source licenses?
6. How do I get support for open source software?
7. How does open source software affect my intellectual property?
8. How does using open source software affect my litigation risks?
9. How do companies make money giving their software away?
10. How can I safely implement open source into my development process?

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