Advice & Resources for College Entrepreneurs

From this article from Quintessential Careers:

"The most common piece of advice among experts on collegiate entrepreneurism seems to be -- just do it. Don't wait too long to launch your business. Don't make excuses for why it won't work or why you can't do it. Don't let fear, lack of money, insufficient time, or other obstacles stand in your way. Even if you fail, you still will have gained a great learning experience."

Other tips from the article:

"Be a problem-solver. Find a need or a niche and demonstrate that your idea can fill it. Do your homework so you truly understand the market into which your product or service falls.

Gain exposure to others who have started successful businesses, especially other college students and recent grads who can inspire and motivate you.

Be innovative. Hone your idea by sharing knowledge and brainstorming with other college students.

Network and get a mentor...

Take on extracurricular leadership roles to gain management practice and consider working at an entrepreneurial company to attain practical experience...

Speak with confidence and contagious enthusiasm when you tell others about your business idea -- especially when you tell investors -- but don't be too cocky...

Start your business and get class credit, too..."

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