Five Ways to Raise $100,000

"They key points to remember when you're looking for funds to start your own business are:

Make sure your business plan is well thought out, well presented and, most of all, realistic.
Most sources of funding, whether it's friends and family, banks, venture capital companies or a Business Angel, will want to see that you're taking on some of the risk yourself. Nobody wants to feel that it's only them that are at risk of losing their investment.
Spread your debt around between a number of sources. The more people you can get involved in your business, the more advice and expertise you can call on, and there's always the possibility of extra funding if your business does well.
You may have to sell a stake in your business to secure the funding you need. Don't be afraid to go down the 'Dragon's Den' route of funding. If your creditors have a stake in the venture, they're much more likely to help you out of trouble than see their investment disappear.
Most of all, if you believe you have a good idea then make something of it. Don't give up..."

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