Building to Be Bought? Invest in R&D

"I often get asked by start-ups planning for a future sale if it is better to invest in the business' infrastructure or should they just put all money back into R&D?

In just about every case I err on the side of R&D; however, I do promote infrastructure spending around people (and processes) in three areas: (i) your CFO (finance & accounting); (ii) your HR manager (people & culture); and (iii) your CTO (IP development & management). You should plow everything else aggressively into R&D.

Now many are probably wondering what about sales & marketing, facilities, integration or customer support? Those are important, but I wouldn't invest heavily in them and certainly outsource them if possible. My thesis is this: don't make long-term infrastructure investments in assets that an acquirer already has, instead invest in assets they don't have and need your product, IP, customers and market share..."

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