Leadership Is Not About Being Boss

This post from the Servant Leadership Blog provides links to a series of summaries of James Autry's 'Five Ways of Being' from his book The Servant Leader and concludes with Autry's list of six things he believes about leadership:

"1) Leadership is not about controlling people; it's about caring for people and being a useful resource for people.

2) Leadership is not about being boss; it's about being present for people and building a community at work.

3) Leadership is not about holding on to territory; it's about letting go of ego, bringing your spirit to work, being your best and most authentic self.

4) Leadership is less concerned with pep talks and more concerned with creating a place in which people can do good work, can find meaning in their work, and can bring their spirits to work.

5) Leadership, like life, is largely a matter of paying attention.

6) Leadership requires love.