What to Do About Competitors' I/P

"According to a November 22, 2004 article by Keith Zullow and Erica Kuo, here are the 'Top Ten Things to Do About Your Competitors’ Intellectual Property':

1. Monitor Your Competitors’ Patent Applications Before They Issue
2, Monitor the Progress of Your Competitors’ Patent Applications
3. Block Your Competitors’ Patents
4. Challenge Your Competitors’ Patents Before Your Competitor Can Take You to Court
5. Think About Approaching Your Competition for a License
6. Monitor Your Competitors’ Trademark Filings
7. Learn About Your Competitors’ Global Marketing Strategy
8. Challenge Marks That Hit Too Close Before Your Competitors Gain the Advantage
9. Monitor Your Competitors’ IP Licensing Activity in Foreign Countries
10. Know That Your Competition is Checking Up on You"

From I/P Updates.