Set Challenging, Realistic Goals

"Goals are a critical power tool of successful people. Goals let you know where you are going and how you are doing in achieving whatever you desire. Poorly defined goals don't work. You have to clearly see exactly what you want before you can expect to obtain anything you desire. Here are a few golden rules to achieve all the amazing things you deserve.

Challenging, yet realistic. Your goals should raise the bar of your performance. When you set high, yet realistic goals and visualize yourself meeting those standards, this alone will greatly improve the chances of hitting your targets.

Written down and visible. When you write your goals down, you take a more meaningful ownership. For example, if a major goal of yours is to become the top salesperson in your company, then write it down. I know this seems silly, but it works. If you don't write your goals down, you're only wishing or dreaming. "

From bBizjournals.comviaSmall Business Brief.