Three Key Startup Traits Attractive to VC's

"For a company seeking venture capital, a day often doesn’t pass without the question: What does my company need to look like to get a VC interested? Though there is no simple answer, a quick glance at our portfolio companies will certainly provide a few common threads.

The first trait Southern Capitol Ventures looks for is “start-up experience at the top.” Though a track record is no guarantee of future performance, it is often the best indicator that we have...The second trait that we look for in a company is a revenue model that not only makes theoretical sense, but also “common sense.”...The final common trait in our portfolio companies is a deep engrained passion among the founders and employees...

Words of Wisdom: Enable the investor to understand your story, feel the enthusiasm and see the pot at the end of the rainbow.

Successful companies over the past few years have blended these threads in an intricate way allowing them to raise capital, but more importantly to substantially grow their businesses in a challenging economic climate."

From Local Tech Wire via Southeast VC.