Useful E-business Tools

From TJ's Weblog:

"Paul Allen has this fantastic list of tools to stay competitive as a 'I have outsourced everything'-entrepreneur:

'PayPal. Many small companies exist on revenues that come through their PayPal account. It is quick and easy to setup a PayPal account and collect payments from PayPal users and from credit card owners.
eBay. Imagine the power of being able to reach tens of millions of buyers by listing items for sale on eBay. If you haven't tried this for your business, you've got to. Hundreds of thousands of people make a living on eBay.

OSCommerce. Good open source developers can develop a powerful ecommerce web site on top of this open source package. Worldhistory.com will soon launch it's ecommerce site built on this platform for less than $1,000. Besides OSCommerce, SourceForge.net lists hundreds of additional open source software projects that are available for download.
eLance. To find developers for your next project, you can post a project description on eLance.com and get several (sometimes dozens) of bids for your project. You can quickly see the portfolio of projects the developers have already completed, and choose your developer.

Alibaba. Alibaba is trying to become the leading business-to-business e-commerce portal in the world. The company raised $82 million in venture capital earlier this year. If you need to find a manufacturer in Asia or anywhere in the world, for that matter, to produce your products; or if you want to import and sell anything, chances are Alibaba will put you in touch with the right companies.'

Save it and try all of them."