Inventors (and Entrepreneurs) Need to be Flexible

"Inventors are always looking for ways to make their invention a success. A big factor is figuring out who the intended market is going to be, what they will use it for, and what the demand will be...

When IBM came out with the first practical personal computer, the IBM PC, their marketing plan projected that they could sell 1000 units, in the entire country! They figured that there would be a few large companies in every town that would have a use for a computer...

I have seen several of my clients who made a product for group A, only to find out that the ones that were buying their product were members of group B, who the inventor had not even thought of. So when a product is on the market, you have to see who is buying it, and start adapting it to them, and forget your notions about who you thought was going to buy it."

The same can be said regarding entrepreneurs. Keep your antennae up and be prepared to switch your focus if your experience becomes different from your expectations.

From Patent Pending.