Open Source Myths

"Once seen as flaky, cheap and the work of amateur developers, open source has emerged blinking into the daylight. With unrestricted access to the source code to run or modify at will, and support coming from an ad hoc collection of software developers and fellow users, the open-source model is very different from proprietary software.

But it is nevertheless proving attractive enough for a host of CIOs to make the switch. So who's using open source? Why are they using it? And are the benefits worth the risks? The answers are surprising - and dispel some of the myths surrounding open source. "

So states this article from CIO Magazine. The article goes on to cite the following as myths:

Myth 1: The Attraction is the Price Tag
Myth 2: The Savings Aren’t Real
Myth 3: There’s No Support
Myth 4: It’s a Legal Minefield
Myth 5: Open Source isn’t for Mission-Critical Applications
Myth 6: Open Source isn’t Ready for the Desktop

Via OSI News Weblog.