Nanomaterials Purchasers: Check Your Terms & Conditions

Corporate nanomaterials buyers would be well served to ensure that the terms and conditions under which purchases are made include clear warranties, remedies and indemnification provisions, judging by a report released by Lux Research.

"Corporate nanotechnology researchers frequently purchase nanomaterials -- nanoscale structures in pure form, like carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, and quantum dots -- which are the basic building blocks of nanotechnology. But these buyers frequently fail to get what they pay for, according to a new report from Lux Research entitled 'Nanomaterials: Buyer Beware.'

'More than 200 companies worldwide sell nanomaterials today. As a group, they have a frighteningly poor track record, ' said Matthew Nordan, Vice President of Research at Lux Research. 'In our interviews with nanomaterials buyers, we've heard horror story after horror story from companies that haven't gotten the nanomaterials they expected from suppliers. Nanotubes, metal oxide nanoparticles, and fullerenes generate the most complaints while nanoporous materials and dendrimers generate the least.' "

From Nanotechwire.