Jump on the Micro-ISV Bandwagon

This article, describes a series of steps to help find a good product idea for starting a micro-ISV:

"In the September edition of this column, I wrote about something I call a 'micro-ISV', a software product company with just one person in it. Since then, this concept seems to have struck a chord with many readers. I've seen lots of discussion among people who want to take the plunge and create their own micro-ISV.

I'm not saying that you're going to see the term 'micro-ISV' on the cover of Newsweek anytime soon, but I'm still surprised at the amount of momentum I see. I coined this term rather flippantly, never considering the possibility that it might resonate so well with developers who feel the entrepreneurial urge. For this reason, I never even thought about the idea of registering the microisv.com domain name. Luckily, someone else did, and a community of micro-ISVs is growing there."