Write a Business Plan that Works

This post from sitepoint.com explains how to write a business plan that is implented rather than one that sits on a shelf and gathers dust. An outline of the suggested questions to be answered and action items undertaken is as follows:

To Create Your Business Plan
Part 1: Strategic Foundation
1. What is your vision for your firm?
2. What are your specific financial goals over the next few years?
3. What is your target market?
4. What is your edge?
5. What hurdles do you face in achieving any of the above?
Part 2: Priorities
1. How can you better serve your best clients?
2. How can you attract more new clients from your target market?
3. How can you attract more new clients from outside your target market?
4. What new capabilities do you need to build in your firm?
o What new systems do you need in order to leverage your time and grow your organization?
Part 3. Action and Accountability Plan
1. Develop a monthly business development action plan.
2. Develop an action plan to build any new capabilities you identified.
3, Develop a similar action plan for new systems you want to put in place.

Via del.icio.us/dbayless