Seven Do's and Seven Don'ts for CIO's

This article from TechRepublic highlights this list of "Don'ts" as the "The seven habits of wildly unsuccessful CIOs"

1. Acquire technology simply because it's new
2. Exhibit a knee-jerk reaction against open source
3. Create solutions in search of a problem
4. Eagerly reach beyond competency level
5. Act as CMOs—Chief Marketing Officers
6. Fail to understand relationship between technology and business
7. Don't communicate well with nontechs

While this white paper from Cisco offers these "Seven Leadership Strategies for IT Success":

1. Align IT to business strategy
2. Make IT governance a priority
3. Use metrics but don�t let them dictate strategy
4. Commit to a unified information architecture
5. Create a shared CEO and CIO vision
6. Develop CIO skills beyond technology
7. Know when and how to partner