Blawger Bowl -- That Inaugural Season

Week One Highlights
(Blawger Fantasy Football)

Bizz Bang Buzz 97
actualmalice 82

The Bees were buzzin' with Green, groan; Alexander, awesome and Jacksonsville, jagged

Go Ask Malice, this team performed with Brooks, broken; Mason, jarred; Davis, dominating, Duckett, ducking and Miami beached

Tech Law Advisor 59
Invent Blog 95

Advice to Advisor, check your team, perhaps, at the door, with Favre, fading; Harrison, harrowing; Lewis, lost; and Horn, no plenty

Inventing victory is this squad with Vick, vexing; Moss, the most; Bruce, brilliant; Barber, beautiful and Gates, going great guns

Promote the Progress 83
The Importance of... 91

Promoting the closest match of the week with Garcia, gonzo; Tomlinson, terrific; Davis, dreary; and Dunn, doing it

The importance of winning is not lost on this franchise with Portis, producing; Holt, halting, Shockey, shocking and Tennesse, terrific

ErnieAttorney 90
Libertarians 125

Earnestly hoping for a better matchup next week, this squad scores big but in vain, with Pennington, plugged in; Moulds, making it happen; and Jones, jumpin’

Give me Libertarians, or give me a great score for the week with Brady, bodacious; Holmes, hot, hot, hot; Westbrook, breezing; Crumpler, cruising and Rudy, rolling

Loosely Coupled 65
UnbillableHours 99

Loosey goosey was this franchise with McNair, McNot; Rogers, collared (as in “ouch”); James, judicious; and Graham, all he’s cracked up to be

Unbilled but thrilled with this team’s performance with McNabb, McMarvellous to Owens, McDangerous, despite Toomer, tumbling and Rice, rumbling

Patently Obvious 130
CRC's Inducers 93

It is patently obvious this team has potential with Culpepper, cruising; Green, careening into the end zone; and Martin, marching

CRC induced an unlucky matchup, with Manning, magnificent; Griffin, grinding out the yardage; McMichael, motoring and Deuce, yet to produce