Two Perspectives on Pitching

NW Venture Voice:

"The most important thing in having a successful pitch to a VC is to have a great business and a great team, but even if you have both it doesn't hurt to have a super crisp, logical, compelling pitch. Here are 5 basic tips that I have seen really work."

1. Outline
2. Use an "In a nutshell" slide
3. Make a clear, simple case
4. Use the XYZ method ("We are the only X company/product that solves Y customer problem in Z unique way,")
5. Put your best foot forward first and strongest


"Forget 'I think, therefore I am.' For entrepreneurs, the salient phrase is 'I pitch, therefore I am.' Pitching isn't only useful for raising money--it's an essential tool for reaching agreement on any subject. Agreement can yield many outcomes: management buy-in for developing a product or service, closing a sale, securing a partnership, recruiting an employee or securing an investment."