TGIF Fun Stuff

Moove on over to the The Ultimate Build Your Own Cow Page! which as Denise Howell points out, needs no further explanation.

Then check out Fun Invention Facts from Inventor's Digest. An example:

"Did You Know that Robert Adler has the dubious distinction of being the Father of the Couch Potato? Back in 1955 Adler was employed by what was then Zenith Radio Corp., where he was charged to invent something that would allow viewers to turn down the TV volume without leaving their chairs. After a series of flops (such as a wired contraption that people tripped over), Adler hit on the idea of using sound waves. Thus the Remote Control was born . . . and some viewers haven't moved since!"

And don't forget that Sunday, September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy Mateys and Avast You Land Lubbers and Have a great weekend.