Three New Programs to Aid Exports to China

This post by Douglas Jacobson explains:

"The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) has unveiled three initiatives, the China Business Information Center, American Trade Centers and the Global Supply Chain Initiative, intended to assist U.S. companies interested in exporting to China.

The China Business Information Center (BIC) offers U.S. companies access to counseling with trade specialists in the United States, referrals to U.S. Commercial Service officers in China, and helps channel trade leads to clients through U.S. Export Assistance Centers. The BIC consists of a toll free telephone number that the public can use to speak with a China specialist, a Web site with China-focused information and export tools, and a series of outreach events planned throughout the United States.

The BIC's Web site at www.export.gov/china features a variety of information that U.S. exporters can use to undertake the following activities:

Promoting products and services to qualified Chinese buyers, distributors and agents;
Understanding Chinese laws, regulations and customs;
Collecting market research;
Developing new or additional business relationships in China;
Initiating the basic steps to enter the Chinese market; and
Resolving trade disputes."