Technology Ventures Educational Website

"This website [Technology Ventures] provides instructors and students of high-technology entrepreneurship with learning resources complementing Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise, a McGraw-Hill Higher Education textbook written by Richard C. Dorf and Thomas H. Byers (ISBN #0072853530). Containing a wide variety of recommended media, the website includes case studies, short video clips, articles, and PowerPoint slides all focused on the creation and management of technology ventures....

Book Contents provides relevant media for each chapter in Technology Ventures, including videos and case studies from Harvard Business School and Stanford University. Additional resources are provided regarding how best to best integrate the book's business plans and case studies into entrepreneurship courses.

Sample Course Syllabus is derived from an actual Stanford University class including 24 sessions with all related content.

This website is free and open to students and instructors alike. It is a part of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program's Educators Corner, which is a digital archive of entrepreneurship education materials."