Angels Do It Better

Facts and quotes shared by Paul Allen: Internet Entrepreneur:

"-Angels fund 30-40 times more companies than VCs, but they do much smaller deals.
-VCs fund 1-3% of the deals they look at
-Angels fund 22% of the deals they seriously consider
-Angels fund 84% of rounds under $250,000
-#1 source of initial funding for startups is entrepreneur's own savings (74%)
-10-15% of entrepreneurs who pitch at non-profit capital forums raise money
-40% of entrepreneurs who pitch at venture forum meetings get funding
-Top two criteria for angels to invest in an entrepreneur are 1) enthusiasm of the entrepreneur and 2) trustworthiness of the entrepreneur.
-94% of angels consider location to be very important in their decision
-80% would have made more investments over the past 3 years if they had seen more good plans"