Qualities of a Successful CEO

"J. Daniel Matthews of Lincoln Business Consulting in Canton, Ohio, observes that his most successful CEO clients have the following qualities in common:

1. A passion for continual improvement. They are usually happy, but they're rarely satisfied with themselves and are continually striving to be better.

2. An obsession with lifelong learning. They read constantly, attend seminars frequently, and join groups that educate and inspire.

3. The ability to think strategically and execute plans effectively. They can focus on a long- or short-term strategy and execute it well to keep the company moving in the right direction.

4. The desire and ability to be a true 'servant leader.' They work to give their team members better tools, improved technology, more efficient work environments and clearer goals. In turn, their employees view them as resources for the employees' success."

From the e-newsletter of Family Business Magazine.