I'm going to sue YOU, not just your company

The following is from a post by Michael Harris. I agree with his advice that the article referred to is worth reading in its entirety and suggest following the above link for access to the article:

"This article provides a nice summary of some important issues, including WHY plaintiffs may sue you (e.g., it exerts more pressure on the company to settle the case and avoid bad publicity; and plaintiffs' counsel may hope to create sufficient conflict between the employer and the manager).

The article also summarizes court trends in terms of allowing individuals to be sued for discrimination, FMLA, tort suits, etc.

You will also find some suggestions for avoiding being named in an employment-related lawsuit, including:

1. Follow the law and not strictly marching orders;

2. Know how to respond to authorities;

3. Know when to get help;

4. Know your organizational policies and procedures and implement them consistently.

I strongly recommend you read the entire article!"