14,000 Volunteers Needed for Pittsburgh Disaster Drill

"One of the largest emergency response drills in the country will be held this Saturday at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, and the Red Cross is looking for 14,000 volunteers. Free Pirates tickets, a free Red Cross first-aid kit, free concert by the Pittsburgh All-Stars and other giveaways are the return for about three hours of your time. Not counting the chance to participate in a simulated terrorist attack.

The coolest volunteer roles have already been taken - the ones who get to be made up to look like accident victims. But if you have three hours to volunteer to sit in the stadium, enjoy a free concert, visit the food vendor stands (offering reduced prices), and see what a terrorist attack might feel like in real life, then visit PNC Park Disaster Drill or call 412-253-3146 to volunteer."

Via this about.com post.