The Leap from Independent Contractor to Business Owner

"Many independent contractors dream of building a Web Design/Development business that is bigger than a one-person enterprise.

They recognize the obvious benefits of creating an organization that has some scale to it:

-The financial benefits of increased revenues and, eventually, profits
-Building a firm with equity value, that can be sold for substantial rewards
-The status and esteem that comes from owning a 'real' business
-Leveraging your time, because other people are doing lots of the work (while you retain the profits)
-The satisfaction of employing and developing other people
-The enjoyment that sometimes comes from spending more time on big-picture, strategic issues, and less time on mundane details and daily 'fires' "

This article from SitePoint.com "provides a list of questions that the prospective small business owner should consider before they embark on building a business. It then provides a series of frameworks and models to help you take the leap from one-person band to owner of a small enterprise."