Have You Hugged Your Support Staff Lately?

"Doubtless, you are familiar with the insecure type of boss who micromanages projects, picks out every weakness in her staff's work, never gives complements, criticises staff in front of others and otherwise demonstrates her superiority by making everyone else feel small.

Staff working under such a boss will...be motivated to minimise criticism from their boss rather than to try and impress her. They will have learned that the boss cannot be impressed. She can only complain. Anything that can minimise that complaining improves the working environment for the staff. That usually means follow directions closely and do not deviate. In other words, don't bother to innovate, your ideas will be met with harsh words.

Compare such bosses with those who compliment good work, let staff micromanage their own projects, finds and builds upon the strength of each employee and praises staff in front of others. Staff with such a boss will be more motivated to please her and live up to and beyond her compliments.

Staff will also be freer to innovate knowing that good new ideas will be met with praise and implementation, while ideas that do not work will not lead to censure or worse.

Doubtless you are like that latter boss, who supports and compliments her staff. Nevertheless, praise your staff today. It may be one of the most empowering things you do today."

From the latest Report 103.