Got the Entrepreneurial Stuff?

From Business Week :

"To turn a business idea into a winner, you need a rare collection of character traits. Here's one professor's list "

1. You must be willing to take calculated risks.
2. You must move toward the edge and almost step over it.
3. You must truly utilize out-of-the-box thinking and rat-like cunning.
4. You must be ready to lead by example and empower your teammates to make decisions and handle crisis situations.
5. You must have a management style that is flexible and changes based on situations.
6. You must have 'passion' for what you are doing. If you do, then you will spend as much time at it as is required to be successful.
7. You must learn to come up with new and innovative ideas that produce meaningful and perceptive differences, and be able to communicate that idea.
8. You must surround yourself with a great team.
9. You must constantly reinvent your business.
10. You must always be ready to 'jumpstart your brain'

Via BusinessPundit