Advice for Pharma Partnering

From Bioentrepreneur:

"As big pharmas fall over each other to proclaim themselves the 'partner of choice' for biotechs, there are still some lessons the younger sibling can learn.

A brief survey of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies reveals their changing attitude towards collaborating with biotech firms. At recent conferences and meetings, it seems that pharmas have been fighting to position themselves as the most biotech-friendly.

This change in pharma's attitude reflects a shift in the dynamic between the old giants and the younger biotech sector. Pharmas are becoming increasingly more reliant on licensing products from biotechs to fill their pipelines, and the terms of deals are becoming more complicated and, in some cases, more favorable to the biotech partner. But as more and more biotech companies emerge to sell their wares, there are some things a startup should note to rise above the din."