Entrepreneurship is a Process

Reprinted in full is an excellent post from Jeff Cornwall:

"When assessing possible opportunities, entrepreneurs should avoid the pitfall of getting too rigid in their plans. I challenge all entrepreneurs to really understand the fundamental sources of the opportunity they are pursuing. What are the macro forces and the industry trends that have created the potential opportunity?

Macro forces can go all the way up to economic, social, cultural, political, technological issues that are shaping the industry. This may require some additional research, but will pay off over time. Often the reason there is a new opportunity in the first place is a result of these forces being in constant flux and change. As Peter Vaill calls it, a state of perpetual white water. So, the very changes that created your opportunity can move past you and make your business obsolete if you do not continue to adapt, evolve and innovate.

Entrepreneurship should be an on-going process, not a one-time event."