Consider These Questions Before Starting a Business

"Before you decide to start a business, you might want to think about the qualities you possess, what makes you tick and how that might help you be a more successful business owner. But before you make that big decision, ask yourself these questions:

Personal questions:

Am I a self starter?
Do I enjoy challenges?
Am I a creative problem solver?
What are my strengths and weaknesses?
What interests, talents, and skills do I have that will assist me in running my new business?
What skills do I need to learn or brush up on to run my business effectively?
Will I be doing work that is meaningful and really interests and excites me?

Business questions:

Do I really have a money-making idea?
Who is my competition?
What do I offer that the competition doesn't -- what makes my services or product unique?
Who are my ideal target customers?
Do I have effective marketing and sales plans?
Have I established business goals?
Will I need capital to startup my business? If so, how much?
Have I written a business plan?
What are the things that my business will require that I cannot do myself? Will I have funds to pay for them?
What type of managerial and leadership skills do I possess?
What financial risks are involved?

Read the full article from Workz.com here. ( via Small Business CEO)