Where There's Vision, There's Fire

"People rally around leaders with a compelling vision and a clear sense of purpose.

Creating a strong vision is one of the most important functions a business leader can perform. A vision statement compels people to do something, change something, and become something. It is this drive that can transform a business into a strong, vibrant, rewarding opportunity for everyone who comes into contact with it.

Business leaders can reap the benefits of a strong vision by defining the core values of their companies, defining their purpose, describing what they see for the business in the future, and then clearly articulating, communicating, and living the vision at every opportunity...

A good vision:

Identifies direction and purpose

Builds loyalty through involvement

Sets standards of excellence that reflect high ideals and a sense of integrity

Is persuasive and credible

Inspires enthusiasm and encourages commitment

Is well articulated and easily understood

Is ambitious and calls for a shared commitment

Challenges and inspires people to align their energies in a common direction

Fits with the business' unique culture and values

Results in efficiency and productivity

Reflects the company's unique strengths..."

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