Bracketology Breakdown from Brother Sam

Here are the latest March Madness NCCA college basketball brackets projections and some observations from my brother, Sam who (is really good at this and) explains:

"I try to match them up into regions - so that teams from same conference won't play each other until the regional final. Some seeds reflect this.

Some other observations:

I try not to look at RPIs, SOS, etc. if I can help it. I like looking at quality wins especially out of conference, and how they play collectively against their conference teams.

West Virginia is in for only one reason - beating UCLA - but they better win some games soon or they will be gone.

Don't see what the love affair a lot of people have with the MVC and especially Creighton. What great win do they have other than Xavier at home? None on the road against a team outside the conference. SIU has beaten Virginia Tech. The biggest win was by MO State who beat Wisconsin on a neutral court. If Creighton stumbles in conference tournament, they will be out too. Two not three from the MVC.

VCU, who won the CAA regular season may be odd team out if they lose to Drexel in CAA tournament. Their out of conference record is not good against "bubble" and other potential tournament teams - losses to Xavier, Toledo, Appalachian State and Bradley. In the end, only two teams will go from the CAA.

GA Tech makes it this time. Good non-conference wins against Purdue and Memphis on neutral courts. Also beat Georgia at home. GA Tech, Clemson or Florida State will get a bid - the only conference having a team with a losing conference record.

Xavier should get a bid even if it loses in their conference tournament and they deserve it. Non conference wins include VCU, Villanova, Illinois and Kansas State.

Kansas State is out. A closer look shows they haven't beaten anyone out of conference except USC. Unbalanced conference record will keep them out when compared to all other deserving teams.

Appalachian State beat Virginia, Vanderbilt on neutral courts. And also beat VCU. Wouldn't you rather see what they can do in tournament than another team from the Big Ten, SEC or ACC or a third team from the MVC? I would.

Midwest (#1 region)

1 Ohio St - B10
2 Kansas- B12
3 S. Ill - MVC
4 Maryland - ACC
5 Marquette - BEAST
6 USC - P10
7 Boston College - ACC
8 Air Force - MWC
9 Stanford - P10
10 Purdue - B10
11 West Virginia - BEAST
12 Davidson - Southern (Champ)
13 Sam Houston State - SLand (Champ)
14 Toledo - MAC (Champ)
15 Austin Peay - OVC (Champ)
16 Central Ct. St - NEC (Champ)
16 Mississipi Valley State - SWAC (Champ)

West - #2 Region

1 UCLA - P10
2 Georgetown - BEAST
3 Nevada - WAC (Champ)
5 Vanderbilt - SEC
6 Butler - Horizon (Champ)
7 Virginia - ACC
8 Notre Dame - BEAST
9 Texas Tech - B12
10 Illinois - B10
11 Old Dominion - CAA
12 Georgia Tech - ACC
13 Gonzaga - WCC (Champ)
14 Long Beach St - BW (Champ)
15 Oral Roberts - Mid Con (Champ)
16 Weber State - Big Sky (Champ)

South (#3 Region)

1 Wisconsin - B10
2 Florida - SEC
3 Memphis - USA (Champ)
4 Duke - ACC
6 Virginia Tech - ACC
7 Texas - B12
8 Louisville - BEAST
9 Arizona - P10
10 VCU - CAA
11 Syracuse - BEAST
12 Creighton - MVC
13 Winthrop - Big South (Champ)
14 Penn - Ivy (Champ)
15 South Alabama - Sun (Champ)
16 E. Tenn St - Atl Sun (Champ)

East - #4 Region

1 North Carolina - ACC
2 Texas A & M - B12
3 Pitt - BEAST
4 Wash St - P10
5 Tennessee - SEC
6 Indiana - B10
7 Oregon - P10
8 Mich St - B10
9 Villanova - BEAST
10 Kentucky - SEC
11 Xavier - A10
12 Drexel - CAA
13 Holy Cross - Patriot (Champ)
14 Vermont - Am East (Champ)
15 Marist - MAAC (Champ)
16 Del St - MEAC (Champ)

Last 4 In

West Virginia
Georgia Tech

Last 4 Out

Missouri State
Florida State
Kansas State

Love to hear comments and any apparent mistakes or disagreements."