NFL Sponsors DMCA Checkers Match

Last month, law professor Wendy Seltzer posted a short clip on Utoob of the NFL's copyright statement to demonstrate to her students that copyright holders often claim additional rights beyond those actually granted by copyright. "As if to help prove Seltzer's point, the NFL then sent a DMCA takedown notice to YouTube, forcing them to pull the clip -- even though it was pretty clearly covered under fair use. Seltzer then followed up and filed the counter-notification, as per the DMCA, and YouTube put the clip back up...The DMCA is also clear that if the NFL wants to challenge her on this claim, they need to go to court. Instead... they simply filed another DMCA takedown notice and got the video pulled again. As Seltzer points out, this clearly violates the DMCA." Your move Ms. Seltzer.

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