Open Source Shakespeare

For you literary buffs:

"Open Source Shakespeare was created to be the best free resource for scholars, thespians, and Shakespeare lovers. It includes the 1866 Globe Edition of the complete works.

OSS will not replace the expensive, subscription-only sites at libraries or research institutions - though many features are comparable:

Power. The advanced search will pinpoint the passages you're seeking.

Flexibility. The features are designed to accommodate multiple ways of searching and viewing the text.

Friendliness. You need not have a degree in computer science to find this site useful, as it's designed to be easily understood and navigated.

Openness. You can download the code and the database that runs this site, and use them in your non-commercial project as you see fit. As long as you link to Open Source Shakespeare on your site (if you post your project to the Web), you're welcome to use any or all of OSS. "