The Creative Problem Solving Process

"What is creativity? It's not the same as innovation. Creativity is the ability to generate appropriate, useful ideas that don't follow logically and analytically from the information available, It's the ability to know, in a complex world where most of the relevant decision-making information is unknown or unknowable, which ideas might work, might make sense. Innovation is the effective implementation of such ideas.

Both creativity and innovation are often the only ways to accomplish some of the most important value-imperatives in business:

Radically improving product or process quality, currency, design or throughput
Improving problem-solving or decision-making
Improving resource-use effectiveness
Improving new product development
Improving employee and customer satisfaction or motivation
Predicting the future"

Read more in this post from Dave Pollard in which "Dave looks at some accepted wisdom on the creative process, and adds some of his own."