Is Your Staff Helping You Stay Out of Jail?

"Company directors are increasingly leaving themselves at risk from prosecution by failing to comply with tightening regulation.

From the use of illegal software to the presence of copyrighted materials on the network and the failure to meet requirements under legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, directors are putting their necks on the line and their own staff aren't helping.

It seems end users will always be the weakest link in the chain – with illegal software a particular favourite among staff seemingly intent on landing their bosses in legal hot water.

John Lovelock, director general of the Federation Against Software Theft said: 'We would like employees to think carefully about downloading copies of software without paying for it. However, the responsibility for their actions can rest with the directors and officers of their organisation. Theft is theft and will be treated accordingly.'

Lovelock added: 'Corporate liability is something that management cannot afford to gloss over. It will come back to bite them.'

Similarly employees can undermine compliance at the press of a button..."

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