Do Less, Have More -- Take Time to Think

From Joyce Wycoff:

"'If we want our world to be different, our first act needs to be reclaiming time to think.'

In almost every conversation about innovation, 'lack of time to think' surfaces as one of the biggest barriers to being more innovative and creative. And, there's every indication that this perception is real, created by a decade of downsizing and trying desperately to 'do more with less.' However, this cycle can only go so far. Once we've sucked all the 'fat' out of the system, we're left with a 'lean machine.'

This sounds good on paper and in cost-cutting meetings ... the only problem is that machines don't create innovation. Innovation comes from people and only from people who have the time to think, time to tinker, time to wander through new territory, time to explore their curiosities and passions."