Offshoring Outsourcing Roundup

As a follow up to my previous post on global outsourcing legal issues, outsourcing offshore continues to be a hot topic in the political news and in the blogosphere. George's Employment Blawg lists several articles on the subject. I add the following to that list:

Clearing up the confusion over outsourcing:

An interview from CNet with John McCarthy, a vice president at Forrester Research, whose 2003 report predicted that 3.3 million service jobs would move abroad by 2015 and which figure has been cited repeatedly, as the public seeks to understand and weigh the merits of pushing high-paying jobs such as computer programming to lower-wage countries like India.

Benefitsblog: Outsourcing: Traps for the Unwary

An outline of potential legal issues faced by employers considering offshoring under ERISA and the Fair Labor Standards Act

According to Nari Kannan

"If you read the newspapers or watch some of the TV news programs you would think that IT unemployment in the U.S is somewhere around 50% and all due to offshoring. Reality does not seem to anywhere close!"

E-Commerce News: Global: India Might Undermine Outsourcing with Taxes