Five Myths in E-Commerce About Personalization

Robert Brazile in E-Commerce News urges internet businesses not to allow these five myths of personalization to hinder the development of online personalization in e-commerce. He identifies the following as myths:

1. In order for personalization to work, you need to get users to log in or register, and you need to track reams of information.

2. Systems that do personalization are clunky, expensive and slow and can be supplemented by standard databases not geared toward customer experience.

3. Personalization is really about a number of fuzzy, unproven techniques that can ultimately leave you with privacy issues.

4. Personalization equals unique customization, meaning that my marketing department will need to come up with as many offers as there are people.

5. There is no way to test what works in a cost-effective and scientific manner, and ROI for personalization is difficult to prove.