Crafting a Reseller Agreement

This post by Steven Bayle gives a good overview of some of the important issues involved in negotiating a reseller agreement from the viewpoint of the reseller. Steve recommends that you pick up a copy of Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher of the Harvard Negotiation Project to help with negotiation.

His "...other recommendation is that you have a very good lawyer or preferably law firm, with experience and expertise negotiating these types of agreements."

Another nugget from the article with which I wholeheartedly agree:

"My attitude towards contracts is that they are a form of insurance policy. The best contracts should never have to come out of their file folders. But if there is a problem between the parties, you are going to have to dig out that contract that you may have signed months or years before. So when you craft the contract, think about where the points of failure might occur and make sure you have the right contingencies in place."