Small Business Articles from Microsoft

Topics covered in this series of small business articles from Microsoft include:


Technology continues to change the way small businesses operate. Find the latest information and advice on everything from speeding up your broadband connection to selling online to using intranets and extranets.


Look here for sales and marketing advice to grow your customer base. You'll find articles on market research, online marketing, customer service and acquisition, advertising and branding, holiday marketing, and privacy and spam.


Managing a small business means managing relationships with customers and employees. Look here for advice on customer relations, employee relations, recruiting and staffing, pay and benefits, and leadership and training.


Expert advice on small business finance issues including getting financing, budgeting, reducing your taxes, travel planning, legal and other expenses, business insurance, and automating your business with finance software.


Starting a business is an education in itself. Look here for advice such as how to write a business plan, where to seek financing, business entities to consider and business names to avoid. You'll also find tips for successful home-based businesses."