It's Your LIfe: Go For It

Timothy Lebold writes about his recent decision to resign his job and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams:

"Given that the time we spend on this earth is indeed finite, why do we spend so much time doing things that we don’t want to do?...

Entrepreneurship is the epitome of change and discomfort. To have simply no idea what the day will hold or how the bills are going to get paid is something that could make climbing Everest seem easy. But if it is what you want to do and the challenge that you enjoy, get out there and go for it. Swing for the fences. Strive for greatness.

Entrepreneurship thrives under distress and discomfort. Great innovation, great businesses, great things are created under pressure, not when a safety net exists...There is no fun, no reward for being unhappy, indecisive, bored or simply not doing what you want to do. Have a position, a dream, and stick to it until you make it happen...

The world is a vast, beautiful place filled with great experiences, great people and great opportunity. If you have not traveled, go travel. You wont miss your desk that much. If you want to open a business, write a business plan and line up the financing. You wont miss those beers at the bar that much. If you want to change careers, go back to school. You wont miss the 9 to 5. The most important thing is, do what you want to do. Not what others want you to do or what you think others want you to do."