Examples of Term Sheets and Other Investment Documents

Torsten Jacobi offers search tips and results leading to a series of useful sample documents and case studies, emphasizing the entrepreneur's advantage in becoming familiar with example documents to understand them better and to support your lawyer in negotiations. He states:

'This is what my search yielded...:

A) A pretty good term sheet example for an Australian company

B) The Columbia Law School contributes a pretty realistic case study for a fantasy firm

C) Celtic House Venture Partners was so nice to contribute this 1:1 realistic term sheet

So you are one stop away to your 'Do-it-yourself Venture Kit'. For a complete 'repository' also check here.

Two more links that came in thiS search and are too good to be forgotten:

- an MIT Entrepreneurial Finance open course ware document with hints how to finance your startup

- a presentation from Sweden based Yavor Adel about 'How and when to attract venture capital'"

Please visit this post from TJ's Weblog for links to the cited documents.