Explore Exporting Opportunities

"Many firms in the US have the ability to participate in the international marketplace. Unfortunately, many companies ignore opportunities outside the US... [thus] missing out on a tremendous opportunity...

Why do firms export? The many reasons can be boiled down to only a few, easily remembered phrases:

To increase profits
To smooth out fluctuations in demand in the domestic market
To gain access to the latest technologies
To increase capacity utilization
To learn what competitors are doing

The Center for Information Technologies Export Process Assistant (ExPA)could prove valuable to small and medium - sized firms planning to begin exporting. This electronic guide helps educate users on the export process. It can help businesses and individuals understand the complexities of the lucrative export market and the domestic and foreign issues that exporters face. This understanding can lessen the anxiety that many firms and individuals feel when faced with a new and complex situation. For those firms that are currently exporting, the Assistant can be used as a training tool, both for new employees and as a refresher course.

The ExPA also gives easy access to the vast amount of export - related information on the Internet. By connecting to online databases, the user can quickly and easily obtain market - specific information. This information covers overseas markets, trade data, trade leads, overseas business practices, and sources of assistance available to the exporter."

See also this website [Exportinfo.org] produced and hosted by students in the University of Washington Business School.