Emerging Internet Trends

"The Piper Jaffray Global Internet Summit saw dynamic ideas emerging on where the Internet and media are going over the near future. Key themes got developed that gradually built upon each other, leading to several key conclusions indicating that the biggest winners were online media companies (Yahoo, Google), intermediaries (Shopping.com), as well as advertising services companies (aQuantive, Marchex)." The top ten key findings from the Summit deal with these issues:

1) Online Advertising - The Big Winner
2) Changing Traditional Media and Telecom Models
3) Emergence of Mobile Media as the Next Big Opportunity
4) Google's Brand Strength and Dominance in Search
5) Uncertain Future for Music Industry
6) Development of New Web Communities
7) Consolidation Environment with Increasing M&A Activities
8) Limited Upside Potential for Pure eCommerce Players
9) Vertical search shall become more prominent
10) Spyware, Viruses Could Slow Ad Spending

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