Lawyers Get High Marks from Small-Business Owners -- Grudgingly

I have observed that even although many people complain about and ridicule lawyers, if you ask the same people about the lawyers they know, the answers are generally positive. Lawyers in the abstract receive low grades, but lawyers in the actual are not all that bad.

Apparently, small business owners feel the same way as demonstrated by this story from NFIB that notes:

"Ask small-business owners what they think of lawyers and odds are you'll get a negative reaction. That opinion stems partly from the filing of so many frivolous lawsuits. But as professionals, lawyers are given high marks by entrepreneurs, according to a National Federation of Independent Business Small-Business Poll released today.

Despite frequent battles with the legal profession, nearly seven in 10 small-business owners told researchers that they have trust and confidence in lawyers and their profession. However, they complain that lawyers govern every aspect of business these days."