Blawger Bowl Report from Dead Leaves

A few legal bloggers are participating in the second annual Blawger Bowl of fantasy football, whose defending champion is yours truly. Perhaps because of our adversarial natures, or perhaps because we believe, no doubt incorrectly, that we have better things to do, we could not agree on who would write the first report on the progress of the season. Therefore, ipso facto, ergo and brimming with res ipsa loquitor, after week six of the NFL, we have our inaugural report -- The Mid-Season Slackers' Guide to the Violence Inherent in the System that begins:

"Last year, I joined up with a number of other law bloggers for the first annual Blawger Bowl Fantasy Football Competition. It was... well, it was an experience. I've never played fantasy football before, and the immediate addiction to statistics and gaming I felt was an experience I had only felt before while handicapping horses. "