From ALM, which produces Law Technology News, Small Firm Business & Law Firm Inc., comes word of not one but TWO contests with deadlines looming. Please see this post from The Common Scold for details and forms. The post states:

"I am a very firm believer in the value of awards, both to acknowledge the hard work and leadership and innovations of our community, and then to educate our readers in our writeups about the winners.
I also feel that it's really critical for underrepresented folks who often don't get the spotlight (read: diversity) to enter these contests and get a shot at the exposure.
If you are so inspired, could you take a moment and help spread the word know that the deadlines are approaching both for our LTN Awards (Dec 15) and SFB Best Practices Awards. (Oct. 28).
The LTN vendor awards ballots are available both online, and attached to the cover of the Oct. issue (which should arrive on your desks momentarily).
The LTN Law Firm/In-house entry forms are available online, (or across the 'hall' here -- just click on the ad to my right.)
The SFB Best Practices entry form can be found here.
Remember, like the lottery, you can't win if you don't enter!!! "