SBA Loans Help Small Businesses

"While poor management is cited most frequently as the reason businesses fail, inadequate or ill-timed financing is a close second. Whether you're starting a business or expanding one, sufficient ready capital is essential. But it is not enough to simply have sufficient financing; knowledge and planning are required to manage it well. These qualities ensure that entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes like securing the wrong type of financing, miscalculating the amount required, or underestimating the cost of borrowing money." This Small Business Administration guide reviews:

SBA's Role
Estimating Costs
Personal vs. Business
Grant Resources
Small Business Lenders
Capital for Growth
Equity Financing
Financial Statements

This SBA site explains the numerous loan programs the SBA offers to assist small businesses. It is important to note, however, that the SBA is primarily a guarantor of loans made by private and other institutions and does not offer loans directly to small businesses. SBA Loan Topics covered include:

Basic 7(a) Loan Program
Pre-qualification Program
CDC/504 Program
Disaster Recovery