The Carbolic Smoke Ball: Funnier than the Onion?

The Carbolic Smoke Ball is a blog from one Judge Rufus Peckham in the style of the Onion, but, funnier (so claims a recent post with which I must agree). Just having the headlines show up in my rss reader ordinarily makes me smile. Some examples of headlines from recent "stories."

Lego Forced To Vacate World Headquarters Because Plastic Floors Can't Support Weight Of Employees
First 'Face Transplant' Patient Slips Out Of Hospital Without Paying Bill -- Because No One Recognized Her
Venus De Milo To Get Breast Enlargement To Boost Crowds At The Louvre
Ex-People's Court Judge Wapner Brought In To Speed Saddam Hussein Trial To Conclusion; Verdict Expected In 15 Minutes
FDA Recalls Insecticide "Raid" Because Of High Incidence Of Life-Threatening Disease In Insects
MIT Study Shows That Heat At Adequate Temperatures Can Prevent Freezing
Company Hits It Big Publishing Physician Waiting Room Magazines That Appear To Be Outdated
Most Hate Crimes Driven By Loathing And Detestation
Ted Williams' Head Thawed Out For Annual Press Conference